Old Mill Point Wash House

We are pleased to announce that we've begun work on a new wash house for Old Mill Point! The old wash house served students and families well for many years, but has been declining in functionality and efficiency. The new building will add laundry facilities, individual shower rooms, and barrier-free access to showers and toilets.



Here's the plan! 

The roof and walls were carefully removed, and may eventually become a storage building.  


An aerial view of the project, courtesy of Daniel Harman.

We're also improving accessibility around camp by extending the boardwalk to Point Cabins 1 and 2 and the wash house.  

The block work is moving along quickly. 


In-floor heating 

Walls and trusses are up! 


Shingling the roof 

Individual shower rooms will be private and functional 


Of course, several pieces of the project will never be seen by guests! 



New sinks are in 

John and Aaron work on one of the shower rooms.

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