Staff Directory

This year-round ministry community helps meet the needs of thousands of visitors. Use this page to recall a face, to communicate or to partner with us.

Scot Bale

Camp Director

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Scot has served as the Camp Director since 2007. He has been in camp ministry for more than 30 years – working at both Christian Adventures and Cran-Hill Ranch. He also served as the Director of Discipleship and Outreach at Vriesland Reformed (Zeeland, MI). He and his wife Monique have six children: Eli, Jessica, Seth, Sean, Teya, and Meradi.


Dave Buckalew

Recreation Coordinator

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Dave's job is to facilitate the “fun” part of how people find restoration at Cedar Campus.  His number one responsibility is to make sure that we’ve created a safe place for people to come away from their daily life to focus on their family, their spiritual walk and on their relationship with the Creator.  Dave enjoys boating, hiking, camping and the outdoors.



Mindi Buckalew

Housekeeping Coordinator

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Mindi is local to the Cedarville area, and was a Cedar Campus volunteer for three years before moving into full-time ministry. She enjoys eating chocolate, adventuring, and laughing with friends. 



Kelly Emigh


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Kelly started coming to Cedar Campus as a Chapter FOCUS Week student, moved on to serving as summer crew, and eventually transitioned to year-round staff. She is camp's registrar and handles all individual registrations and cabin rentals, and maintains the database. She enjoys her family, reading, gardening, and learning new things.


Callie Hansen

Food Service Coordinator

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Calistine Hansen volunteered at Cedar Campus from 2014-2016. She was one of the Kitchen Interns in the summer of 2016. God called her to the full time staff position at camp as the Food Service Coordinator in January of 2017. Callie enjoys singing, drawing, reading, and sailing. 


Daniel Harman

Facilities Staff

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Daniel has worked in Buildings and Grounds department since 1994. He does a lot of the mechanical repairs and fabrication of parts for some of our older equipment. He enjoys flying large kites, making things, and spending time with his wife and four kids. He also enjoys seeing students grow in their understanding of who Jesus is.

John Leavell

Facilities Staff

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John joined our Buildings and Grounds department in September 2015.  He has a background in camp ministry and construction.  John and his wife Jenni, along with their three children, Elijah, Gabriel, and Story Grace, are excited to be a part of the Cedar Campus family! 



Landa Miller

Financial Secretary

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Landa Miller started working at Cedar Campus in June of 1993. She serves as camp's Financial Secretary, and enjoys working mostly behind the scenes in the office. She feels truly blessed to be part of the Cedar Campus team. She lives in Hessel with her husband Bob, and they enjoy boating in the summer. Both she and her husband have lived in the area for their entire lives.


Rod Miller

Food Service Manager

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Rod has been serving at Cedar Campus since 1996. He started out as a Recreation Assistant and then changed to Food Service in 2000, where he now serves as the Food Service Manager. Rod and his wife, Gayle, have four children, Gabe, Bekah, Jonah, and Eli. In his spare time, Rod enjoys hiking, reading, and watching movies.


Jim Schlosser

Facilities Manager

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Jim Schlosser is the Buildings and Grounds  Manager. He supervises the Facilities team. He first came to Cedar Campus as a college student on a winter retreat in 1980, returning in the summer on the work crew. Two years later he was invited to join staff in order to build the Maintenance Center. What was intended to be a one year mission project turned into 20 years in Buildings and Grounds, then 10 years as the Recreation Manager and just recently in the new expanded position of Buildings and Grounds Supervisor.  Cedar Campus has been a great place to raise a family as Jim and his wife Becky have six children, three of whom are now married. Jim loves sailing, kayaking, motorcycling and his favorite mode of transportation for the commute to camp is by bicycle!

Abigail Skoglund

Guest Services Staff

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Abigail has served on the Guest Services team since 2014, collaborating with guest groups prior to their arrival and hosting them while they are at Cedar Campus. She is also the Volunteer Coordinator - a role that she values more and more as she builds relationships with those who serve alongside our staff. Abbey likes horses, reading, hiking, listening to Christmas music, and playing volleyball.


Aaron Straub

Facilities Staff

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Aaron has served on the Facilities Staff since 2013. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, and enjoys outdoor activities and adventures.



Dot Strickland

Program and Marketing Manager

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Dot has done camp ministry since 2005 and has her bachelors in Youth Ministry Camp and Retreat Management and a Masters in Youth Ministry Leadership from Columbia International University. Her role as the Program and Marketing Manager has her actively making sure that operations run smoothly and effectively with summer crew, marketing, and the planning and implementation of programs. Though a southerner, she is excited to explore and embrace the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with the wild wonders of God's creation! Dot readily enjoys a good hike, reading, spending time her pet bearded dragon "Toodles", video games, and fellowship with laughter. 


Adam Terry

Guest Services Manager

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Adam is the Guest Services Manager, coordinating with guest groups and meeting their needs. He and his wife, Courtney, have a son named Ezekiel and will have a baby girl arriving in January 2018.  In his free time, Adam enjoys riding his mountain and road bikes, hiking, backpacking, playing board games, and spending time with his family.​