Summer Crew

Crew Applications

Fill out a crew application today. Please return your completed application to or to Cedar Campus, PO Box 425, Cedarville, MI 49719.

Crew Brochure

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What is Crew Like?

Serving a Summer at Cedar is a life-changing experience of service in community. Participants in this program will work full-time with the year-round camp staff to meet the needs of campers and of one another. We meet weekly in family groups for fellowship and encouragement, often praying, playing, studying Scripture, or just spending time together. Sunday nights are often the best time for community worship and every night is community living.



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Summer Work Crew is a summer to remember

Most departments work 45 to 50 hours per week. All the crew and interns spend nearly every Friday in 'turnover' - cleaning the camp in between one group of campers and the next. Each crew member or intern is given one and a half days off a week, though due to the nature of the work you may not be able to have Sundays off.

In your free time there are many recreation options for individuals and groups. Often crew and interns will plan group activities, from talent shows to ultimate frisbee, cookouts, campouts, sailing regattas, tea parties, games, pizza outings, hikes or even dramatized Shakespeare readings!

You will be housed in cabins with three to thirteen other crew or interns. Learning to love and serve the others on crew and staff (whom you live with, eat with, work with, recreate with and worship with) is not only training in godliness, but also training for marriage, training for future work relationships, training for church...for life and its ramifications!

Many former crew and interns have said that some of the strongest friendships they have formed have been with people they worked with at Cedar Campus.

Crew Positions Available

Summer Crew: Vital to the daily functioning of camp, these members work in various departments: kitchen, coffee shop, guest services, facilities, recreation, housekeeping, children's program, office, and store. As a member of a large or small team, you serve in your department alongside a supervisor to get the job done!

Supervisory Crew: As a leader in your department you will work alongside the full-time staff and summer crew to meet the needs of Cedar Campus and its guests. An ability to confidently and faithfully lead others, be organized, take direction and give direction, and be ready to go the extra mile whenever called upon are necessary components of the position. Each summer we need supervisory crew in the following departments:

  • Kitchen
  • Coffee Shop
  • Guest Services
  • Facilities
  • Recreation
  • Children's Program
  • Store

For more information, call camp at 906-484-2294 or email camp.