The Story of Northcote Deck Cabin

by Keith & Gladys Hunt

Northcote Deck was for twenty years a pioneer missionary doctor and explorer in the Solomon Islands. He later settled in Canada, married, and became the father of two children: Lucy Deck Shaw and John Deck. Writing about her father, Lucy Shaw says, "He was a handsome, twinkle-eyed Britisher of great presence and charm - humorous, vigorous, optimistic, and unself-consciously humble."

As an active member of the board of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Northcote Deck was an appreciative colleague of Herbert J. Taylor. His enthusiasm for this piece of property on Prentiss Bay helped to launch Cedar Campus.

Physically vigorous even at 76, he swam in Prentiss Bay without regard to the water temperature. He lived creatively and zestfully until his death at age 82, when a friend said of him, "He's looking forward to heaven as eagerly as a boy expecting his first bicycle."

This cabin was built in 1958 and named after Northcote Deck by Herbert and Gloria Taylor who, through Christian Camps Foundation, gave the original grant of land that is now Cedar Campus.

Northcote Deck Cabin was constructed and dedicated in 1958.

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