Summer 2017

InterVarsity Leadership Institute

Each summer, staff and students from all different campuses gather at Cedar's Old Mill Point for IVLI. The program runs for the entire month of July, allowing students settle into a daily rhythm of training, fellowship and recreation. For many students, this month is life-changing. Please pray for:

  • Balance. The month is packed with Biblical study, leadership development, and heavy cultural topics. To truly gain from the experience, students also need the rest and recreation Cedar Campus offers. Pray that God sustains and refreshes students and staff here in his creation.
  • A healthy and vibrant Christian community. A month of living together in close-quarters exposes the good and the bad. Pray that students develop strong conflict resolution skills and grow in genuine love for one another.
  • World changers developed. The whole purpose of this month is to develop effective leaders and send them out as Christ's ambassadors. Pray for lasting change in these students that results in a ripple effect to the world!

Family Camp

For many families, Cedar Campus is a unique place of rest and bonding. Some have been coming for 20+ years! Please pray for:

  • Families to be strengthened
  • First-time guests to feel welcome
  • The speakers and program directors' wisdom in leadership


We appreciate continued support of our crew as they tirelessly serve our guests. Please pray for Children's Program and Food Service as these departments are still stretched thin.


We invite you to check the calendar to find out which specific groups are here this week.