Spring 2019



For Everything a Season

"There is a time for everything, And a season for every activity under the heavens." (Eccles. 3:1)

We are entering a new season here at Cedar Campus. During the next two years InterVarsity Christian Fellowship will be transitioning their ownership responsibility for Cedar Campus. As student numbers have declined at Cedar Campus, InterVarsity leaders are considering viable ministry organizations who could take over ownership and operation of Cedar Campus, continuing its historic Christian mission. The original donor of this property, Herbert J. Taylor, established a family foundation (now two), and these foundations will also need to give approval for the selection of the new owners.

God says to us in Ecclesiastes 3 that there is a season for everything and while there is grief in this, we are waiting on Him to see what new opportunities and joys this season will bring. Meanwhile, we continue to explore new ways to serve students, families, guest groups and all of those who have come to love Cedar as a place to come away, meet God and be renewed. We hope to see many of you this summer. Although we do not know all the answers about the future, we are trusting God to bring us into a new and healthy season of ministry here. As we wait, we are committed to serving campers and guests; providing them with comfortable accommodation, recreation and inspiration; space to meet God along the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. So many have come to know Cedar Campus as a place where He has invited them to come away and speak to them and refresh their souls. These encounters will continue as He reveals His will for the future of this special place. Please join with us in prayer to understand how God wishes to use this place to continue to care for His people and expand His Kingdom.

Follow this link for more information regarding InterVarsity's decision to release ownership of the camps.  

This season also marks a transition in leadership here at Cedar. Scot Bale, who for the past 11 years has served as Cedar’s director, has stepped down from that role and will assist in the transition by managing external partnerships for Cedar Campus. Scot, Monique and their family have served faithfully here, and we wish them God’s best as they transition to their new season of life and ministry. Scot’s new role and service to InterVarsity will end on June 30, 2019. During this time of transition, Dan Denk has agreed to serve as interim Camp Director. Dan comes to Cedar Campus with previous experience as director and has a deep commitment to the wellbeing of the staff and ministry. Please join with us in welcoming Dan. 

We cannot do this without you.

Your support of the ministry at Cedar Campus makes it possible for God’s people to have life giving experiences here. By praying for and giving to Cedar you ensure students are trained to return to their campuses to make real Kingdom change. Your support of our staff and building projects makes this a welcoming place for people to come away and meet God. We are grateful to the many volunteers that prepare and beautify the camp for a season of service. Your reaching out on our behalf to recruit for summer staff makes a big difference. We need you more than ever to consider supporting our ministry. Please prayerfully consider today how you might get involved. 



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