H.J.Taylor Lodge

This winterized lodge has dorm-style housing on the second floor. Men's and women's bathrooms are at the east end of the hall. Five rooms normally have three bunks (six beds); Four rooms usually have two bunks; and two rooms have a bunk set. All rooms have electric baseboard heat, one or two dressers, a mirror and a chair.The standard occupancy for the lodge is 62.

The main entrance to Taylor Lodge
image by Sarah Matz











The main entrance to the lodge opens into Woods Landing.







The rooms above look out over the water.
image by Sarah Matz






One of the large lodge rooms, set up for a group of individuals.
image by Sarah Matz






Wharfside Lounge, the library of Taylor Lodge, holds a number of cozy chairs and couches for leisurely reading.
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The library's many windows offer a great view of the waterfront.
image by Sarah Matz






Just down the hall from Woods Landing, Lundgren Hall has the capacity to hold over 200 people for events like this Chapter FOCUS Week large group meeting.






Many people gather in Voyageur's Lounge before meals, waiting for the final bell to ring.
image by David McLaughlin





The dining hall has the capacity to serve 180 guests.