Cedar Campus began operation as an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship training center in 1954. Much has changed across five decades, but the essentials remain.

The history of Cedar Campus is connected with the history of the logging town of Prentiss, which stood on the shores of Prentiss Bay 100 years ago. The Prentiss lumber mill stood where Willoughby Lodge now stands. There are still reminders of the mill days, including the mill chimney, which now serves as the base of the camp bell.

The man humanly responsible for the existence of Cedar Campus is Herbert J. Taylor, who grew up in Pickford, a small town north of Cedarville. It took Mr. Taylor 12 years to acquire the Cedar Campus property, which he gave to InterVarsity “for the purpose of giving Christian training to college students and graduates, so that they may carry on more effectively as Christians in their own vocation at home or abroad.” For over 50 years, that work has taken place at Cedar Campus. Students from all over the country, and other countries as well, have been trained during those years.

God used Keith and Gladys Hunt, the pioneering directors of Cedar Campus, to develop the site and programs to fulfill its primary purpose — the training of university students to serve Jesus Christ on their campuses and around the world. Many people have met God at those programs: Missionary Training Camps were held at the rustic North Shore site in the 1950’s.  Student training flourished at Old Mill Point with Chapter Camps starting in 1962 and the month-long School of Leadership Training in 1970. Family Camps ministry, begun in 1966, grew with the development of the Mariners Cove site in the 1980’s.

Each year over 5000 people — students, families, adult, and church groups — come away to Cedar Campus in response to the call of the Lord Jesus “Come away with me to a quiet place and get some rest.”    


A brief history of Prentiss Bay
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Sample a Chapter of Our History
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The Story of Northcote Deck Cabin
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The signature stone chimney and picture windows harmonize Spruceview\'s architecture with its woodside and lakeside surroundings. The Story of Spruceview Cabin
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