Guest Groups

From resort-style to rustic accommodations, we have many choices of places to stay. There are also two sides of Prentiss Bay to choose from as we have two lodges that can accommodate over 60 people on the second floors as well as a kitchen and dining room facilities on the first floors.

Recreation activities are seasonal and can be included in your booking. We hope you would enjoy swimming, kayaking, sailing, or riding on our pontoon boat in the bay in the summer or fall. In the winter, skiing, snowshoeing, broomball and ice skating are always great ways to enjoy the weather. There are also wonderful hiking trails that will bring you back to nature. Having a campfire in the evening is a great way to end any day.

Make a reservation today!

Cedar Campus is an affordable destination for:

  • Campus ministries and college fellowships
  • College groups and organizations
  • Public or private school overnights
  • Families
  • Homeschool Groups
  • Church groups
  • Youth groups
  • Ministry staff retreats
  • Individual spiritual retreats
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Family camps
  • Encounter weekends
  • Alpha weekends
  • Seminary classes

Please note: In order to qualify for food service, there is a minimum of 25 adult-equivalent attendees required. Smaller groups are welcome too, and we can book a reservation for you in a cabin with a kitchen where meal preparation would be on your own.

Use by non-InterVarsity groups

As part of our mission of service to the church and surrounding communities, many groups unaffiliated with InterVarsity regularly hold events and retreats at Cedar Campus. We welcome non-InterVarsity groups to use our facilities and we look forward to serving you in the future.