Frequently Asked Questions:

Are linens and towels provided?

For Chapter Focus Weeks, linens and towels are provided for InterVarsity staff. Students can rent linens and towels or bring their own. Prices for linens and towels are as follows: bath towel $2, hand towel $1, wash cloth $1, sheets $3. 

For family camps, personal cabin retreats, and other programs, linens and towels are provided. 

Is there internet/wifi available?

One of our goals at Cedar Campus is to create a space without distractions so that people can meet God and be renewed. However, we realize that sometimes access to email and contact with family is necessary. During our summer family programs, wifi is available for $10. The wifi is good for email, but not for streaming content or gaming. Wifi is not available for Chapter Focus Week students.

Wifi in town (Cedarville, MI): 

There is wifi available at the Les Cheneaux Community Library, about a ten minute drive from Cedar. The hours for the library are on their website here. Wifi is accesible from outside the library at all times, so sitting closeby in one's car or on a bench is an option. 

Can I buy a souvenir? 

Yes! We have T-shirts, sweatshirts, waterbottles, mugs, postcards, books, journals, baseball caps, candy, ice cream, pop, etc. available in our camp stores: the General Store (Old Mill Point), and the Hunny Pot (Mariners Cove). 

What if I forget basic toiletries? 

Some basic toiletries are available in our camp stores during store hours, however, supplies are limited. In the summer, store hours will be posted around camp; the store is generally open in afternoons. General Dollar, Family Dollar, and Cedarville Foods all carry toiletries and are a ten minute drive from Cedar Campus to town.

Is alcohol and/or smoking permitted?

We do not permit alcohol to be brought by guests, be present in guest cabins, or used during any of our programs. Smoking is prohibited in buildings and highly discouraged on camp property. 

What is there to do at Cedar Campus?

We have lots of activities available at Cedar Campus! Click on this PDF to see all of the options. 

I'm coming for a cabin or group retreat, can we schedule a sauna?

Yes! Saunas must be scheduled a week prior to your arrival to Cedar Campus. A $25 charge per sauna is in place for cabin and group retreats. You can call (906) 484-2294 or email our office to schedule a sauna.

What kind of restroom facilities are available? 

If you are staying in...

a lodge room, public restrooms are available with toilets, sinks, and showers. 

a point cabin or campsite, a public wash house is available with toilets, sinks, and showers.

a cabin, family bathrooms are available. In cabins such as Harwood, in which there is more than one family per cabin, family bathrooms are in each room. Each family bathroom has a toilet, sink, and shower. 

What kind of handicap accomodations are there?

Unfortunately, our handicap accomodations are limited. We do not have elevators for either lodge at camp. What we do have:

Old Mill Point:

Our Welcome Center/Office has an accessible ramp.

Willoughby Lodge (where the dining hall is located), the meeting house (where most big group sessions are held), Point cabins 1 and 2, and the Wash House (with handicap accessible bathrooms) are all connected via boardwalk and sidewalk. 

Beach and Poplar Bend cabins have access ramps. Beach, however, does not have wheelchair accessible showers. They each have parking spaces by the cabins, making it easier to drive up to the lodge or meeting house.  

Mariners Cove:

Taylor Lodge (where the dining hall is located) is connected to Lundgren Hall (big group session meeting space). There is a boardwalk that connects to the McClure Center, which houses the Hunny Pot store, the rooms Pooh's Corner and Piglet's Place, and the Fireside room with table tennis, foos ball, etc.

All cabins at Mariners Cove have parking spaces available right next to them. 

Can I come stay at Cedar Campus outside of a program?

Yes! Cabin availability does vary depending on time of the year and our programs. You can call (906) 484-2294 or email our office to inquire about personal cabin retreats. Coming to stay at Cedar Campus is a way to support the ministry that happens here!  

Can I get married at Cedar Campus? 

Our current policy is that only Cedar Campus staff or their children may get married at Cedar Campus. We currently do not have the resources to offer Cedar Campus as a wedding venue beyond that.   

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